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Dear sisters,

AM Loves BLogs Competition is still running until 31st January 2012!

Please keep the entries coming and send them to:-

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Adorable Muslimah's Competition


Adorable Muslimah's Competition



blog-tips-kurus said...

sori nak tanye:
ade swim' suit muslimah tak?

Adorable Muslimah said...

sis @blog-tips-kurus, buat masa ni kami tak jual swim wear muslimah ya dear. InsyaAllah ada dalam perancangan masa depan adorablemuslimah ya. Please subscribe FB kami ya. Tq for the support!

Boo said...


Code dua2 banner kena letak dalam blog ke? atau salah satu sahaja?

Adorable Muslimah said...

salam sis Boo, Salah satu saja ya dear. Size Mana yg sis suka =)

Look fwd for ur entry.

Please send ur entry to: