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Competition: AM Loves BLoGs

AM loves BLOGS Competition*

1st ever competition Great prizes!
Competition ends on 31st January 2012

AM Loves Blogs Competition*
Competition ENDS on 31st January 2012

How to enter:

1) Write anything about in your Blog or Facebook. You may write in English or Malay language.

E.g. You may write about your shopping experience with (if any) OR What you like about OR Review on AM products etc. You can write anything relates to depending on your creativity

2) At the end of your entry please put:

"Get gorgeous yet modest blouses and muslimah apparels at .
Shop Victoria's Secret and COACH Handbags at too.
Be Style.Chic. Modest with adorable muslimah ! ^_^"

3) Submit your entry (Blog link of FB link) to: with Title: AM Loves Blogs Competition

4) We will upload your entry at your FB page. You may get your friends to like your entry

5) Entry with most likes will win. Last entry can be sent on 31st Jan. Final votes will be counted on Sunday 12 Feb 2012 at 11am

1st place: COACH Wristlet + RM50 Voucher
2nd place: Victoria's Secret Gift Bag + RM30 Voucher

3rd place: Victoria's Secret Body Mist + Lip Gloss + RM20 Voucher

5 consolation prizes + RM10 voucher

#Disclaimer: This competition is open to all except Blogshops and AM advertisers

*Terms apply

Entry in English:

Penyertaan dalam Bahasa Melayu

More info -- HERE


Cik Rose Cute said...


ID FACEBOOK: che rosliza che mat

Adorable Muslimah said...

Sis @Cik Rose Cute,
tolong hantarkan penyertaan ke ya. Tq sis

gadis pekan said...

salam..i'm joining

email sent :)

Adorable Muslimah said...

sis @gadis Pekan,

Tq for ur participation.
Please head on to our FB page to collect ur votes until 12 Feb ya
Gud luck