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Eidul Adha Collection

Salam Sisters..
We have just made our Eidul Adha Collection. and YES, please check out and AdorableMuslimah facebook to get the latest update ya ^_\
For easy access you can check out our latest release by clicking the following links:
  • Kateline Blouse [RDT07] -- Stylish to college or office. Suitable for modern and professional ladies out there. Available only in 2 colours.
  • Jeehan Blouse [HV10] -- If you like to look stylish yet Islamic, try our Modern & Chic collection. Comes with stylish crochet and prints. You never look dull for your Hari Raya. Available in 3 colours.
  • Jessie Blouse [ET08]-- If you like modern style, look no further. Suitable to office or function or a day out with friends. Available only in 4 colours.
  • Zyzie [LY222]-- Embroidery galore. Available in 4 colours. Suitable for your Eidul LinkAdha outing.
  • Zayra / Hisa [LY223] -- Our latest lovely embroidered blouse. Available in 5 colours. Gorgeous to be worn during your Eidul Adha gathering.

Do check out our Sales Section especially for your Eidul Adha bargain ya!
Hurry Hurry! ^_^

warm regards,
adorableMuslimah team


luigi said...

salam, sale masih berlangsung atau dak berakhir, rasa-rasa macam dah habis sale. psl ps 30 sept dah tp nampal sale section masih ada. kalau still on sale, saya nak tanya diskaun berapa peratus?

Adorable Muslimah said...

Salam sis Luigi,

Sale sudah berakhir. Tp kami akan ada sale new year tak lama lg. Diskaun 5-15% bergantung pd item ya

semua pembelian hanya di ya dear .

Tq sis