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Adorable Collection : Muslimah Apparels & Victoria's Secret

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Sisters, Pls take the chance while u still can to grab our
adorable products ya =)

Our adorable product ranges are: 
a. Blouses *HOT ITEM: from RM30 to RM59 (gorgeous design, covering hip)
 b. Scarves* *HOT ITEM (114.5 cm x 114.5 cm (45'x45')) 
 (i) Starlight Scarves : RM29
Thumbelina Scarves : RM29
(iii) Scarlet Tiara Scarves : RM29
Swirly Fest Scarves : RM30
(v) Crown Blossom Scarves : RM33
Darling Buds Scarves : RM31
(vii) Petal Charm Scarves : RM29
(viii) Crystallina Scarves : RM35
 (ix) Grand Tiara Scarves : RM35 
(x) Candy Bliss Scarves : RM33 
c. Umayra Telekung (Praying Garment)*HOT ITEM : RM69 (Premium)
3 pieces, 100% quality cotton)
d. Long Skirts
: from RM40 to RM69 (trendy design)
e. Innershirts
*HOT ITEM: from RM14 to RM18 (comfortable material)
f. Belts
: from RM5 to RM17 (chic design, various colours)
g. Dresses*
*HOT ITEM: from RM58 to RM99 (gorgeous and long, various pattern )
h. Victoria's Secret *HOT ITEM : from RM25 to 220 (100% authentic and imported Victoria's Secret bodymist, Lip balm and gloss, Gift bags)
i. Baju Kurung : from RM139 to 149 (made of comfy cotton with massive beaded embroidery)
j. Handsleeves : from RM10 to 15 (made of comfy polyester cotton to cover the wrist and arm parts)
k. Kaftan Kurung : from RM140 to 159 (made of good quality satin with matching sarung)

*Please click the thumbnails for respective categories or scroll down =)
[*Please place all orders through the cart system at]


Anonymous said...

scarves will be restock or not?

Adorable Muslimah said...

salam sis, the current scarves will not be restocked. But we will have new scarves in our future batch insyaAllah. Stay tuned! =)

Qonitah said...

Great muslimah hijabs