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New Arrivals: Adorable Blouses (Vol. 13.6)


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WanAni - One And Only said...

ada size ke yg merah dan kuning ni?

Anonymous said...

kat mana nak tgk harganya?

pena abid said...

mcm mana nak tau lokasi kedai ngn no telefon?

Adorable Muslimah said...

salam all,

Wani, blouse merah n kuning tu free size ya dear. They fit for S and M size ladies iA ya =)

Anonymous, utk place an order and view the price, please head on to our official web -->

pena abid, adorableMuslimah is an online shop ya. Kami masih tiada offline shop ya. To learn our beloved customers shopping experience, please browse here -->

Tq all for ur support

AM team

Mimi said...

yg merah tu ada lg ke? bleh bg measurement x?

Adorable Muslimah said...

hi mimi.
Maaf ya sis. Yg merah tu dah sold out ya.
But don't worry dear, more adorable blouses coming up soon =) Stay tuned ya!