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Adorable Blouses (Vol. 6.2)

Immortelle Blouse (Code: JC07)
Measurement (inches") :
Free Size fits S & M & L: shoulder 15 chest 17 hip 21 arm length 21 blouse length 36
Material : good quality Chiffon* material
zip at the back
*recommended to wear with innershirt to cover arm part

RM49+RM14(with innershirt (INS01))

Code : JC07 Brown
status: SOLD to Alina
Code : JC07 Red
status: SOLD to Maslinda

Code : JC07 Purple
status: SOLD to ILa
Code : JC07 Black
status: SOLD to Mazidah

Balisier Blouse (Code: ND07)
Measurement (inches") :
Free Size fits S & M : shoulder 15 chest 18 hip 21 arm length 20 blouse length 31
Material : good quality silky soft tshirt-like material
gathered turtle neck with ribbon and gathers at wrist part
RM45+RM5(with belt (PB01))

Gathers and ribbon at the neck part
Code : ND07 Flower Black
status: SOLD to Hanisah

Code : ND07 Flower Bud Black
status: SOLD to Najmiah
Code : ND07 Flower Bud Brown
status: SOLd to Lu'Lu

Code : ND07 Leaves Maroon
status: BOOKED by Nadiati
Code : ND07 Leaves White
status: SOLD to Maslinda

Checkered Blouse (Code: JC06)
Measurement (inches") :
Free Size fits M & L & XL : shoulder 13 chest 20 hip 24 arm length 22 blouse length 29
Material : good quality cotton material
RM42+RM5(with belt (PB01))

Code : JC06 Pink
status: SOLD to Fifi
Code : JC06 Red
status: SOLD to Hanisah

Code : JC06 Yellow
status: SOLD to Lela
Code : JC06 Orange
status: SOLD to Iezya


sara said...

please please please restock JC07~