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Beaded Tiara Scarves *UPDATED*


Beaded Tiara Scarves
Material: Soft material, chiffon like with beads hand-sown on the tiara section of the scarves. This scarf is woven with shiny threads i.e. embossed flowers which uplift the look of the material itself
All Size: 114.5 cm x 114.5 cm (45"x45")

Shiny Beads and Embossed Flowers on the tiara section
Beads and embossed flowers at the back of the scarves
Beads and shiny thread nicely sown neatly with detail work
available in various colours*************************************************************************************

Beaded Tiara WHITE Scarf: RM25
code:SLB12 White|status:SOLD OUT

Beaded Tiara CREAMY WHITE Scarf: RM25
code:SLB10 Creamy White|status:SOLD OUT

code:SLB11 Creamy White|status:SOLD OUT

Beaded Tiara BLACK Scarf: RM25

code:SLB09 Black|status:SOLD OUT

Beaded Tiara BROWNISH YELLOW Scarf: RM25

code:SLB08 Brownish Yellow|status:SOLD OUT

Beaded Tiara PEACH Scarf: RM25

code:SLB07 Peach|status:SOLD OUT

Beaded Tiara TURQOISE GREEN Scarf: RM25
code:SLB03 Turqoise Green|status:SOLD OUT

Beaded Tiara ESPRESSO BROWN Scarf: RM25
code:SLB15 Espresso Brown|status:SOLD OUT

Beaded Tiara YELLOWISH BROWN Scarf: RM25
code:SLB04 Yellowish Brown|status:SOLD OUT