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Announcement regarding Pos Laju & Others *updated

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Salam dearest sisters,
We hope you are blessed with good health insyaAllah =). We would like to make a few announcements regarding the local delivery service i.e. within Malaysia and a few other important updates. Please read through ok?

1st announcement
1. Due to a number of complaints from previous customers regarding the delay in receiving the parcel by pos express, we would like to inform that from now on we will ONLY use Pos Laju for local delivery i.e. within Malaysia. We need to ensure of fast delivery as well as the safety of the parcel, for our customers.
2. Since ramadhan and eid is coming up, it is significant to use Pos Laju since there will be so many parcels that need to be handled by Pos Malaysia. Hence, using Pos Laju is appropriate for Fast and Safe delivery service. You don't want your order to get lost or get delayed, do you? =)
3. Therefore, we will now use ONLY Pos Laju and we will no longer use Pos Express for local delivery. Apart from the delay often encountered when using pos express, the safety of the ordered item(s) is also not guaranteed when using Pos Express unlike pos laju. It is important for us to ensure that you will receive your order fast as well as safe and sound =)
4. Using Pos Laju will be at your advantage especially when you order multiple orders, since in most circumstances it might be cheaper.
5. In the cases that you prefer cheaper and slower delivery method, we can send your order using Normal Parcel delivery by Pos Malaysia.
6. As for international orders, you can choose between Pos Laju (National Courrier Service) or Normal International Air Parcel as usual ok?

2nd announcement
7. On another note, we would like to apologize in advance should there be any delay in replying your emails for orders or queries. A few of our team members, can no longer be part of AM team due to other important commitments. Hence, there will be slight delay from our part in attending your orders. We will try our best to reply as soon as possible, hopefully within 24 hours if we can insyaAllah. Once again, we are sorry for the inconvenience caused and we appreciate your understanding and patience =)

Allright then ladies. Please scroll down to view the *updated lush crown collection. Happy Shopping ^_^v