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We've been Reviewed, Spotted and Awarded!! ^_^v

We've been reviewed, spotted and awarded sisters!! ^_^v.

Many thanks to YourShoppingKaki,, ModestlyTrendy, 5577Studio and of course also to our lovely model too.Much appreciated that ~Hugss ^_^ .
Check out the reviews here, here and here; as well as the award by Farah, here



sisters303 said...

alamak, sayang la.. mcm nak baju ni, tapi saiz L je ada :(

Adorable Muslimah said...

hi sisters303,
Sorry ek,buat masa ni ada size L ni jek utk LY02. Awk petite ek? Please check out our petite blouses collection k dear,and we still have a few of our 2nd batch blouses left.Those with *available status ^_^

Adorable Muslimah said...

oh, i forgot to mention,we still have our limited edition Shawls and Scarves. *those with available status.Grab them while u still can dear ^_^

cheezyonyx said...

Suka la style2 labuh tak payah nak pakai dua layer utk lengan... tapi kenapa byk da sold out? huhu... mcm mana nak tempah klu dari US?

Adorable Muslimah said...

hi cheezyonyx,
we will update our blouses soon.
Please subscribe to our feed for latest updates ya.Stay tuned =)
Please email us to get the quote for delivery to US ya sis :)