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Updated..with More Colourful Lush Crown Scarves

Salam Sisters,
We hope that you are blessed with good health, insyaAllah. Here, we are presenting our latest collection of adorable lush crown scarves out for grab.There are available in a few colours. Check them out by scrolling down the page ya. Again, email us at to order and do read our terms and condition ok?
Ladies, do grab them while u still can because they are limited editions and hardly restockable anytime soon. Alright, till then.Happy shopping sisters! ^_^

Lush Crown Scarves
Material: Soft material, chiffon like with embossed flowers on the crown section of the scarves
All Size: 95cm x 95cm

Black Scarf: RM20
Black scarf with embossed flowers
code:SLY01 Black|status : SOLD To Hanna
code:SLY01 Black|status:SOLD to Wani Abdullah

Cream Scarf: RM20
Cream scarf with embossed flowers
code:SLY01 Cream|status : SOLD to Nur Shiela
code:SLY01 Cream|status:SOLD to Azida

Light Pink Scarf: RM20
Light Pink scarf, with embossed flowers
code:SLY01 Light Pink|status : SOLD to Nurul Aini

White Cream Scarf: RM20
White scarf, with Cream embossed flowers
code:SLY01 White Cream|status:SOLD to Wani Abdullah

Grey Scarf: RM20
Grey scarf, with embossed white flowers
code:SLY01 Grey|status:SOLD to Hazlinda
code:SLY01 Grey|status : SOLD To Hanna
code:SLY01 Grey|status:SOLD to Hafiza

White Scarf: RM20
White scarf, with embossed white flowers
code:SLY01 White|status:SOLD to Azra

Red Scarf: RM20
Red scarf with embossed flowers
code:SLY01 Red|status:SOLD to iLi

Pink Peach Scarf: RM20
Pink Peach scarf, with embossed flowers
code:SLY01 Pink Peach|status:SOLD to Yon
code:SLY01 Pink Peach|status : SOLD To Hanna
code:SLY01 Pink Peach|status:SOLD to iLi

Purple Scarf: RM20
Purple scarf, with embossed flowers
code:SLY01 Purple|status:SOLD to Yon

Hot Pink Scarf: RM20
Hot Pink scarf with embossed flowers
code:SLY01 Hot Pink|status:Sold to Yon


Nadhirah Zamrose said...

how do i order one of these scarf?
I'm interested to buy one :)

Adorable Muslimah said...

Salam Nadhirah,
Nadhirah can email us at to order. However, currently all scarves are booked. Sorry=(

acabeire said...

Ada satu unit je ke setiap keluaran? kesian siapa yang terlambat ye.. (model dalam gambar ni macam tersipu-sipu malu je..;-p)

Adorable Muslimah said...

hi acabeire,
scarves ni limited edition.
sori sis :(
iAllah klue ada, akan diusahakan restock,hopefully

Adorable Muslimah said...

sis,satu masih available colour pink peach.Do email us to order k?

Anonymous said...


saya suka bebenor pakaian2 yang ada dlm blogshop ni. tapi kenapa la cepat sgt habis.. huhu..

Adorable Muslimah said...

salam azira,
sis,to know our latest updates, please subcribe to our feed OR you can give us ur email for us to include u in our mailing list for latest updates k dear?
take care

rapturous said...

nak order yg pink peach tu... klu bleh nk colour hitam tu juga..

Adorable Muslimah said...

salam rapturous,
We will restock our scarves soon.
Please email if you wish to be listed as waiting list k dear?
Thanks :)