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Salam sisters,
We have a few news to share. Please read through ok? ^_^

1. We are currently in the process of updating our next 3rd batch collection of adorable Blouses and Scarves. Do check our page regularly anytime soon, ok dear? ^_^

2. Meanwhile, if you notice we have rearranged our blog look by adding the navigation tabs to ease your shopping experience with us (hopefully ^_^v) . The labels on the navigation bars include About Us; How to Buy (+Delivery,Payment); Terms&Condition; Testimonials (+Gratitude) and Blogrolls. Click to check them out ya!

3. Great news to our dearest sisters! We are now expanding our blouses collection to include XL and XXL sizes, we also added more of S size collections apart from M and L sizes. Do check the measurements to ensure which blouses' size that fits you, ok ladies?

4. Another good news to our overseas customers (be it Brunei, Singapore or from any other parts of the world), we are now accepting payment to our Paypal account ^_^ .

Alright, till then sisters.Don't forget to stay tuned for our updates ya sisters ^_^ Cya later!

N.B. Some of our adorable ready-in-hand 2nd batch blouses are still available for grab. They are all non-restockable items, hence do grab them while u still can sisters ^_^. Please check them out in the previous post OR you can click "still available" items at the categories label at the left side of the page ya! ^_^