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More 2nd batch Blouses

Hi everyone ^_^
Scroll to see more of our blouse collection. All are promotional prices. Email us at to order ya ^_^v

Abstract Black Blouse (Code: KH02)
Measurement (inches") :
Size: XL |shoulder 14.5|chest 18|hip 21.5|arm length 20|
|blouse length 32.5|
Material: cotton
RM45+RM5(with belt)
code:KH02 Black|status:SOLD to Hamdan

This item has been reviewed in ModestlyTrendy. Click here to read the review ^_^ ~Hugss to ModestlyTrendy
Modestly Trendy

Classy Kebaya Blouse (Code: LO03)
Measurement (inches") :
Size: L |shoulder 15.0|chest 18.5|hip 22|arm length 21|blouse length 29.5|
Size: M |shoulder 15.5|chest 17.5|hip 21|arm length 22|blouse length 30|
Material: good quality material

1.Pink Size L
code:LO03 Pink Size L|status:SOLD to Ila

2.Peach Size M
code:LO03 Peach Size M|status:SOLD to Ila

Hot Pink Blouse (Code: TW04)
Measurement (inches") :
Size: M |shoulder 16.5|chest 20|hip 21|arm length 22.75|
|blouse length 31.25|
Material: cotton
RM43+RM5(with belt)
code:TW04 Red|status : SOLD to Sharinaz

Modest Red Blouse(Code: FN01)
Measurement (inches") :
Free Size fits M,L: shoulder 16|chest 18|hip 19|arm length 21|
|blouse length 28|
Material: cotton
RM32+RM5(with belt)
code:FN01 red|status:SOLD to Marhana

This item has been reviewed in ModestlyTrendy. Click here to read the review ^_^ ~Hugss to ModestlyTrendy

Modestly Trendy


Mas said...

huhu, saya nk yg ini juga, size XL, kalo ada bgtu saya dulu yer, TQVM

Adorable Muslimah said...

hi mas.Buat masa ni KH01 ada org dh book.Tp KH02 XL gk,black gk tp design a bit different still available.Do email us if u would like to order ya ^_^

Anonymous said...

Salam. Nak jadi agen 'Pearlhaya' tak. Log to atau hubungi 0196501212

3nna said...

modest red blouse tu takde stok lagi ke? warna lain ada tak?

Adorable Muslimah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adorable Muslimah said...

Hi 3nna,
sekarang ni modest red blouse tiada stock lagi.iA kami akan restock balik blouse kami dlm mase terdekat.
Sila subscribe feed kami utk stock baru nanti ya =)) ?